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 Questions Most Often Asked About the Ram-jet.

 Q. How does the Ram-jet work?
A. It works two ways, like this:

1)The Ram-jet valve automatically and safely feeds extra air whenever the engine is air-starved, thus boosting power and saving fuel whenever manifold vacuum drops below 10.
2) The Smog-Trap improves PCV function by aerating and super-vaporizing corrosive blow-by condensates and oil particules that otherwise dirty your engine and ruin combustion. This results in more clean power produced on less gas --- and better mileage as proven by lab tests. Cleaner combustion means less engine wear and lower operating costs.

Q. What is the Ram-jet and why do I need it?
A. The Ram-jet is both an engine energy booster and gas saver that adds two-way efficiency car makers left out. It helps restore performance that government mandated smog devices take away.
 Turbo-Flo Spinner super-atomizes raw blow-by so it burns cleaner for added power, pep and mileage

Q. Can I transfer it to another car?
A. Yes, only a few minutes is required to install the Ram-jet, and you can use it on as many cars or trucks as you like.

Q. What benefits should I get from the Ram-jet?
A. You can expect better gas mileage, more engine power, faster acceleration, less harmful carbon buildup, and cleaner crankcase oil which means less engine wear and tear. All this adds up to big yearly savings.

Q. Can I install the Ram-jet myself and how long does it take?
A. If you can read this, you can install the Ram-jet usually in a few minutes. If you use an extra length of hose to form a long loop, no cutting will be required. NextPrev.

Q. Will it fit my engine?
A. Yes, the Ram-jet fits all popular cars, trucks and tractors. Exceptions for some California engines. On older pre-1963 engines and for some foreign cars not fitted with PCV lines, it can be easily attached to the intake manifold.

Q. Is the Ram-jet guaranteed?
A. The Ram-jet is fully guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship. If it fails for any reason while original purchaser owns the vehicle on which it is installed, it will be replaced free of charge once the defected Ram-jet is returned.

Q. Can the Ram-jet in any way harm my engine?
A. Absolutely not! The Ram-jet's air compensation valve is a completely automatic demand valve and opens fully when the mixture is over-rich and needs correction. It does not interfere with PCV valve function and CANNOT "over-lean" the mixture thus causing burned valves. It should in no way be confused with bleed needles or gasket-type gadgets that rob engine power.

Q. If the Ram-jet is so good, why don't car makers use it?
A. They can't  because it's patented. However, they may in the future, since they now use innovations first developed by the inventor of the Ram-jet.

Q. Are there any other products like the Ram-jet? Is it Patented?
A. The U.S. Government granted the Ram-jet Patent.No one else can legally use our exclusive features including the Smog-Trap which provides important engine functions and fuel reclaiming . Other U.S. and international pending patents further protect the Ram-jet against infringers. Imitators will be promptly prosecuted.

The hustlers' ads are popping up all over now-- even in Respectable Media! The fast buck boys are coming out of the woodwork hawking their worthless gimmicks. They offer NO proof except to say that somebody made some so-called kind of "test". Be very suspicious of any company that won't let its product be tested by a government certified lab. It probably means that it's not worth testing! Insist on reliable proof-- it's not hard to get if the product does what it claims.

Q. Pollution surveys report that 3 out of 4 cars need tune-ups. How can the Ram-jet help?
A. The Ram-jet will help save gas as it improves performance no matter how good or poorly tuned an engine is. However, while the Ram-jet is no cure for maintenance neglect, the Ram-jet will help keep the PCV system, combustion chambers and spark plugs clean-- thus improving tune up quality. Your engine will perform better, longer, between tune-ups.

Special Message for You and Your Mechanic

The Ram-jet is a proven invention that positively works! Do not confuse it with ballyhooed "gadgets" of little or no merit. Only the Ram-jet is patented and functions two ways:

1) At all times as a crankcase blow-by vaporizer for cleaner combustion and

2) Part-time only when the fuel mixture is too rich to normal and never lean to leaner, engine performance is improved and valves CANNOT be harmed. Ram-jet's ball-valve closes automatically at idle at light load cruising (high vacuum).

Q. What is the big "Hidden" cause of gas waste and what can the Ram-jet do about it?
A. Unconscious "over-throttling" by many drivers is a frequent hidden cause of intermittent over-rich mixtures and consequently poor gas mileage. While the Ram-jet can't correct poor driving technique, it can reduce gas waste by adding needed air during periods of low vacuum which is when the power and acceleration circuits of the carburetor go into operation.

Q. What does an exhaust emissions test prove and what does does it mean to me?
A. High levels of unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) indicate your engine is wasting fuel. A quick emissions test taken before and after the Ram-jet is installed will prove fuel is being saved and not blown out your tailpipe unused. A second test after the Ram-jet has been in use will usually prove further fuel savings potential as the engine rids itself of combustion chamber deposits




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