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Stop Buying Gasoline kit

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Wait, Before You Go...

As A Special Thank You Gift For Visiting I'd Like To Offer You A 50% Discount for our "Stop Buying Gasoline kit, Guaranteed Job Employment Breakthrough package, & A FREE Piece of Software That Automatically Generates Sales Letters for Any of Your Products or Services You Sale!!! "

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Stop Buying Gasoline kit

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Alternative Energy Companies: How To Get Free Gas and Technology Exposed


"Why wait for lower prices for your fuel efficient cars, diesel fuel cars, permit for making alcohol fuel, or chrysler new yorker fuel rail...Make it happen"!


America's No.1 Gas Savers-New RAMJET (4) Fuel Saver- with TURBO- FLO* POWER BOOSTER - Better Than 99% of Gas Savers

Alternative Energy Companies Exposes The Truth How To "STOP BUYING GASOLINE", Revealed To Brad Eugene By An Upset Mr. X, An Industry Insider , Or How To Get Free Gas savings or STOP BUYING with Brad Eugene's patented Ramjet Fuel Saver Invention Kit On Your Automobiles Cost Of Gas/Petrol!

" After buying a Ramjet, my mechanic said it wouldn't do anything but add extra air, Well, I put your RamJet on anyway and have I got a few choice words for him! I never was so surprised. I took a 1200 mile trip and increased my gas mileage from 16 to 20 mpg. Also got more pep. Thanks for a good thing. You can print this, H.M., Witchita, KS.

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Alternative Energy Companies - Technology Exposed and Terrifies The Oil Cartels


Alternative Energy Companies - User Testimonial

Very Urgent Message from: The Desk of Brad,
Tuesday 2:45




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Potentially Free Gas Card!

Dear Friend (if not now-soon!)

STOP BUYNG GASOLINE! Are you sick & tired of gasoline/petrol going up, up, and up at the pumps at every piece of negative information reported on/in our national newspapers & televisions? Ask yourself, are you tired of having to car-pool to work just to save your money by not driving your "gas guzzling" SUV, but yet & still not able to make all the necessary stops you want on the way home, because your on someone Else's time? Are you tired of not being able to take the vacations you once did to see love ones, or romantic vacations with your husband, wife, or significant other, but are hindered now, because of high gasoline/petrol prices, plus no extra money for hotel stay or recreations once there? Are you tired of coming up short on monthly bills, treating yourself, or even having to "pawn" your personal belongings or keep-sakes, for money for gas to get back & forth to work - just for that week?

See, you better get use to it, because it's going to get worse before it gets better! Stemming first from the WTC 9-11 terrorist attack conspiracy, the current U.S. & foreign situation with Afghanistan, the potential War between Israel & Iran that has been brewing for sometime now, the closing of the "Huma Straight", & last but not least the Stop Buying Gas in Russia - Ukraine. An oil shortage - not a cut-off could be created/manipulated in a matter of weeks or months, boosting the price of energy and gasoline to $4 - $6 per liter/gallon - with the sky being the limit of a barrel of oil to the tune of $100 - $125 a barrel. I must "say" we're in "Depression" not a recession. Massive friends & neighbors around me are losing their jobs & Alternative Energy Concepts is trying to do something about it or for a better term; help as many people as I can.

See, we have a new administration now - conspiracy or "The New World Order"! The term "new world order" has been used to refer to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. Despite various interpretations of this polictical philosophy, it has often been represented by the idea of a single World Government Even if fuel & oil prices retreat, it's a fair bet that they will rise again to even higher levels the next-go- around. So, be one of the first prepared to meet rising prices head-on before or when it comes time.

Alternative Energy Company News

Anyway, we will reveal an urgent message to the public right here, right now about some fantastic inventions & products that I authored & co-manufactured that one knew that you would be excited and enthused with being able "NOW" to "Dramatically save on your next gasoline "pit stop so to speak", as well as potentially make Big Daily Cash Flow marketing the system. Thousands of dollars could be made. If you want and need more money and fuel savings "Right Now", this may be one of the most important websites you have ever came across.

Potentially Reduce your Own Cost of Gas/Petrol to less than $1.50 per gallon/liter After selling off the bi-product, plus utilize the Government patented Ramjet fuel saver and Perma Power engine treatment!

What? Say What? That's not a misprint. You read it right. I know there will be many sceptics, but that's OK. I will prove it to you. Yes, IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO PRODUCE YOUR OWN FUEL FOR AS LESS THAN $1.50 per gallon...FAR CHEAPER THAN YOU CAN GET AT THE PUMPS. Recently on August 27, 2006 at approximately at 4 a.m. the Wall Street Journal News was interviewing a bio diesel manufacturer & he stated with current & future technology it's possible to produce ethanol/bio diesel for between $0.59 - $1.20 per gallon/liter. What; you say again you don't believe us, well check out our shocking video below!

 Illuminate Yourself To These Secrets


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We are the original co-developers and author and prime source of the above inventions and the "Stop Buying Gasoline" book, in which we have brought to "light" some ingenious inventions and authored a new hard hitting, "secrets" revealing 80 + page book, entitled "Stop Buying Gasoline". The inventions I previously spoke about are the "RAM-JET" fuel saver device, and the "PERMA POWER" engine treatment, which my book shows anyone how to legally create their own fuel in their backyard. Or get Dramatic gas savings & horsepower by using the "Ramjet" and "Perma Power" engine treatment in conjunction with one-another.

We will put you in direct contact with a man that has "Legally" built over 140 small alcohol fuel stills for the backyard still. Have you ever heard of "Bio diesel or Ethanol"? The plans will be mailed to you along with 40 pages of instructions on building and running your own backyard still that an 8th grader could implement. The still design we will introduce you to is a result at a workshop in Sacramento, California in 1979 and 1980, during the infamous Arab Oil Embargo. Gasoline had risen in price from $0.65/gallon to $1.20/gallon in the space of about eight months. Now these same simple plans have been updated for the 21st century, & have proven to be a "VERY EFFICIENT" still and "SIMPLE" to build.

Get this - in May 1979, the US Treasury, in conjunction with (BATF), proposed legislation to Congress to facilitate alcohol fuel production (Public Law 96-223). Let's get very excited, if you sell or use alcohol as fuel, you could get an income tax credit, which at present law it's $.10 cents per gallon. See, you can make fuel in your backyard, and many people are doing just that, and running their automobiles on clean-burning fuel instead of polluting the atmosphere. Just only produce less than 10,000 gallons per year.

Your car might already be set up as an E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) check owners manual or we can provide our GT VAPOR INJECTOR for a very small fee to set your automobile up, so it can run on alcohol/water mixture. I have combined the two products together for a Money Making & Money Saving distributorship just for you. The name of this Unique and Famous kit is called the GIGT SYSTEM (Gasoline Independence Gasoline Technology) System.

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Engineered to Help Engines Perform 6 Ways Better

1. GAS MILEAGE INCREASED DRAMTICALLY depending on car, age, condition, weather, trip length and how it is driven.

2. TURNS PRE-POLLUTION INTO MORE CLEAN POWER by atomizing raw blow-by gases so that they are converted into useful energy instead of dirtying engine.

3. FASTER ACCELERATION and more clean power due to improved combustion efficiency.

4. MORE EFFECTIVE TUNE-UP LIFE through cleaner combustion means less spark plug fouling and misfiring.

5. LONGER ENGINE LIFE POTENTIAL. Cleaner running motor means less wear on internal parts.

6. PING AND KNOCK REDUCED through less carbon build-up.The RAM-JET FUEL SAVER will last the lifetime of your engine Guaranteed!It is a PROVEN FUEL SAVER SYSTEM designed fits 98% of automobiles on the market to aid both mechanical and driving efficiency. The "heart" of the system is the patented jet, which has been recently improved to add two-way efficiency car makers "left out". The Turbo-Spinner on the RAM-JET improves PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve function by atomizing corrosive blow-by particulates that otherwise dirty your engine and often ruin combustion. The valve of it automatically and safely feeds extra air whenever the engine works hard, thus boosting power and saving fuel whenever manifold vacuum drops (0 to 10"Hg.) This results in more clean power produced on LESS gas and BETTER MILEAGE as proven by Government Certified lab tests. Do you want more proof? Then go to my unsolicited TESTIMONIALS.

The RAM -JET FUEL SAVER (has been proven by 6 Independent Government Certified Laboratories, 3 of which were sanctioned to do testing for the "EPA") verified significant fuel savings in city and highway and at steady higher loading. Test were also done by foreign government laws, which permitted the Fuel Saver to be distributed in Germany, China, Israel and other Mid -Eastern countries. The U.S. Government granted it a patent no., further proving the theory is sound and not a gimmick.

It was invented by a well-known automotive gas-saving "genius". He has counseled to millions of motorists, which they achieved access to him through numerous magazine articles and books which techniques that were intended as "money-savers" and "life-prolonging" reward for all automobiles! He's called the "Grand Daddy" of American stock car racing, who introduced, year after year, many of the revolutionary new products that have made the sport one of the most popular in the world!

He is a member-in-good-standing of the Society of Automotive Engineers and has been a "Gas-Saving Specialist" for over 25 years - and the inventor and designer of numerous high-performing, mileage-increase accessories now found on many of Detroits's cars!




The hustlers' ads are popping up all over now - even in RESPECTABLE MEDIA! The fastbuck boys are coming out of the woodwork hawking their worthless gimmicks. They offer NO proof except to say that somebody made some so-called kind of "test". Be very suspicious of any company that won't let its product be tested by a government certified lab. it probably means that it's not worth testing! Insist on reliable proof - its' not hard to get IF the product DOES what it claims. See,

I wiil not make outrages claims about miles per gallon increases, but will only report to you what government certified lab test has shown, as well as customer's personal unsolicited testimonials state. Any inventor states that everyone will get the same results with their gas saving product is telling half truths. There are to many variables involved with mpg increases, such as weather, driving habits, maintenance up- keep,...etc..etc..___________________________________________

When You Order My "STOP BUYING GASOLINE" Book You Will Learn The Following:

How To Build or Convert Your Vehicle To Run On Electricity How To Run Your Car On Water

How To Develop Fuel For As Low As $1.20 - US$0.59 Per Gallon after sell off of bi- products. Listed are consultants name, phone#'s, addresses, & product sources

Respond Immediately and Receive This FREE Bonus Section In My Book!

How To Fix Your Car for FREE With Secret Warranties - This will surprise you, shock you, and anger the hell out you!

How To Buy A Car for $200 Over Dealers Cost - Enough said!

How To Get Extended Warranties Better and Cheaper Than What A Car dealer Can - This is one for everybody, due to the current economy, & the skyrocketing repair prices. Did you know the average repair cost on the average transmission job is between $3000.00 - $4000.00 OUCH THAT HURTS!!!

How To Buy A Car With Bad Credit - I'm a Credit Repair Consultant, in which I know some insider secrets to get a car with bad credit. I will be glad to hand-over these secrets to all my customers.

Easy Way To Get FREE New Cars - You also will have the potential to get paid a monthly income for driving them. Hmmm!

How To Recycle Motor Oil & Reuse - You can do this simple task from your home with a few items from your local drug store!

How To Recondition Your Tired or Dead Battery: Sources Included for a large money making opportunity. And yes, individual are doing this from home and making a nice profit. Again, we include contact sources for proof "period"!

World's Best Automotive Engine Oil Additive - This has broken many records repeatedly going up against some of the best. We're talking "Guiness Book of World Records" here!

How To Know The True Dealers Cost of Any Car

How To Make A Large Sum of Money Within A few Months - This has to do with a Reverends invention that increases your miles per gallon allegedly by 3 digits, in which he allegedly already has a working model/prototype with patent. For investors he will allegedly will pay you in royalties within a few months after take-off for your investment.

Water Vapor Injector Plans - you can also increase miles per gallon, decrease pollution, & run your automobile on alcohol/ethanol + switch back and forth with this one.

Gasoline Extenders and Suppliers - You can reduce your trips to the gas pumps, and increase mpg with this secret.

Super Mileage Carburetor - another invention with 3 digit mileage increase that has/was allegedly surpressed.

Mugged By Mr. Bad-wrench -Top Secret Dirty tricks from a former mechanic that reveals all, because of his change of heart that will have you "hotter than a flamming inferno" with outrage. This contains alot of valuable information.

. . . and A Whole Lot More!



Now How To Start Earning Potentially At Least $395.00 A Day . . .That's US$2,765.00 A Week !!!

I am personally now only looking for a few productive GIGT SYSTEM distributors, & hundreds of satisfied customers. I don't want to saturate the market, so there will be plenty of CASH for the very limited number of distributors, so HURRY! The demand for this book and the demand for the complete GIGT SYSTEM kit and installers is overwhelming. Instead of you going to the homes of friends and neighbors, they will be beating a path to your door . . . once they hear you can save them Dramatically on fuel cost, plus show them how to earn potentially over a five figure income per year reselling the GIGT SYSTEMS. These are the SECRETS that the "Oil Cartels" has been trying to keep under lock and key for years.

Note: Our Confidential Wholesale Price List is Pass Word Protected; You Do Not have to order anything to become a wholesaler, just sign, date, fax, and snail mail my distributor agreement . (To receive wholesale pass code and start marketing just go to the left and click on the FEED BACK form with passcode in the comment box) - that's all it takes of the GIGT SYSTEM Kit Distributorship program. ASAP - Go ahead and order.









So, if you are interested in participating in this "Amazing" dealership you are under no obligation to order to become a wholesaler; after signing, dateing, faxing, or snail mailing our distributor agreement to join, You will receive "confidential wholesale price list" pass code - So,order while the demand is high and while still a limited number of dealerships are open.


This is how to make Huge Money and Save Huge Money with the GIGT SYSTEM:

You can make money by installing the GIGT SYSTEM in your automobile or your friends, neighbors, relatives, & co-workers automobiles, immediately giving you and them a Dramatic increase in their miles per gallon and savings.

You can charge a flat fee for installing the RAM-JET FUEL SAVER on people you know and people or businesses mobiles you can think of, such as taxi cabs, rental car fleets, etc. . . etc. . . People have reported over $500 in one weekend for installation fees alone. One small, occasional advertiser grossed over $30,000 in only a few months with a three -inch ad. See, census stated there are over 200,000,000 mobiles/motorist in the United States of America alone . . . (You should start getting excited at this point, if not already.) The money making potential is unlimited.

Recondition that tired or dead battery and sale to everyone you know at a huge discount to make money; Sources are included for a small/medium operation or however large your imagination or drive is for this simple task.

Invest in A Reverends new invention that allegedly completely eliminates the job of a carburetor and allegedly gets up to a 100 mpg increase. If you invest money in his project he allegedly will give you back a large some of cash within a few months after take-off. You have the right to check out everything first.

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BODY Code --> Fast Action Bonus #1 Get your hands on Traffic Secrets Unleashed. This is a $97 value and worth the price of this package alone.

Inside you will discover everything you need to know about generating a massive flow of high quality visitors to any of your websites with very little effort.

Fast Action BONUS#2: "$1000 Off The Groceries Of Your Choice Certificate" Valid At Any Supermarket... Nationwide: Manufacturers spend billions of dollars in newspaper advertising to offer over $300 billion dollars worth of grocery coupons every year. However, consumers saved less than $2 billion by using these coupons. Since 90% of all households use coupons weekly, it's clear tht consumers are not getting all the savings that are really available to them. The reason is that with newspaper coupons, savings are by chance, "Not By Choice". Now you can select the savings on the products you need... when you need them. "YOU SELECT" the groceries you want to buy from a list of "National Brand Name Products". No more clipping coupons to saver on a few items. These coupons are "GUARANTEED" to save your family over $1,000.00. It makes "Good Economic Sense" to save on the necessities of life. Smart Consumers can save "BIG BUCKS" on the things "They Really Need"!



Fast Action BONUS#3

"A 3 Exciting days and 2 Fun Filled nights at a 2 - 4**** Hotel vacation stay at over "20" of the Best Resort Destinations in North America" - The folks that will be booking your Free Hotel Rooms... will send you a $50 VISA Gift Card when you get back from your vacation. You can spend that $50 on anything you want... at thousands of business establishments throughout the country. See, I want you to get accustomed to spending some time leading a less stressful life in places like, Las Vegas, Honolulu Hawaii, Daytona Beach, Cancun, Mazatlan, MX and many more. taxes may apply

"Four Bonus Gifts" For Ceritificate Users

BONUS GIFT #1... a "Companion Airline Voucher" Offer. Buy one round-trip ticket... Companion's round-trip ticket is free. Your companion's Round Trip Ticket is Free. (Value - up to $500)

A "Two For One " 7 Day Cruise... Good For 2 Adults and Up To 2 Children. Eleven Fantastic Destinations to Choose From.

Get Away To Hawaii for $59... Good For 5 Days 4 Nights Accommodations At A Resort Hotel On The Beautiful Island of Oahu. (Value - From $476 to $1,160)

5 Additional Vacation Certificates... Use Them Yourself and receive Free Hotel Rooms For 'The Next 5 Years... or ... Give Them as birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mother, or Father Days Gifts.

Fast Action BONUS#4: "$1,000 In Restaurant Coupons Certificate... Valid At Thousands of Restaurants... Nationwide. Enjoy $1000 off at America's Favorite Restaurants. The Restaurant Savings Book provides you with the opportunity to order $1,000 worth of coupons "Of Your Choice" for your favorite restaurants and fast food chains. Includes restaurants such as TGI Fridays, Chili's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Applebee's Sizzler, IHOP, Denny's Planet Hollywood, Austin's Steakhouse, Hooters, Longhorn Steakhouse, Ponderosa, Ruby Tuesdays... just to list a few. Also fast food chain such as McDonald's, Hardee's, Quizno's, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Jack-In-The Box, KFC, Wendy's, Arby's, Subway, Popeye Chicken, el Chico, Boston Market, and many more.

Fast Action BONUS#5: "Reverse your Electric Meter" - Explains how to LEGALLY turn back the ordinary power meter attached to your home. Even sell the excess power to your local utility (which Federal Law requires the utility to buy!) And using this simple, inexpensive technique you can build your own independent power system.




A TRUE Story . . . Energy Costs Hit Home!

A woman by the name of Ms. Alexander had to cut back on her spending in areas - retail, restaurant, and travel - since incomes haven't risen in equal measure to Energy Cost (what a shame). Now that she eats lunch at her desk daily, a treat to her now is lunch out with the girlfriends twice a month, Ms. Alexander said. "And I'm not eating lobster,' she added. "We're talking salad at Baker Bros." Unlike previous years of "wanton shopping," Christmas will definitely be a more frugal affair, Ms Alexander said. "I'm a firm believer in retail therapy, and I am behind in my appointments," she said. Her kids said "mommy" here's a list of 5 things we want for Christmas, Ms. Alexander looked them in the eyes - held back a waterfall of tears and said to them "darlings pick one or two items, mommy can't afford much this Christmas.

Ms. Alexander thought about taking the bus to her job 30 miles away to save on fuel cost and being able to afford more for her kids, but ultimately nixed the idea when she saw it would take her two hours to get to work. So, she tells her daughter that she can't give her money every Friday night for the game either anymore. Her kids also now use a timer to monitor their water use in the shower. "If I would've known how high gas prices would rise, I would've considered moving closer to work," she said. "It concerns me that the little things won't be enough anymore."

A man by the name of Mr. Mendoza was kept from finding a second job, to make up for the extra rise in energy bills a fuel cost by his Diabetic condition. So, conserving money is even more important now that he's on a fixed income. The family washes dishes once a day - maximum! He said the discount on gasoline at Tom Thumb has become a necessity to fill his pickup truck.

 Urgent update for '2014:

We will be coming out with a program were you can get cheaper prices on your energy other than the following companies: message board for devon energy, progress energy, solar energy, reliant energy,enterra energy,sound energy, atmos energy, centerpoint energy, txu energy,bloomberg energy, energy, dte energy, consumers energy, xcel energy, stream energy, alternative minimum tax, duke energy, first energy, nuclear energy,scana energy,  peoples energy, energy meridian, faith a creative energy, and progress energy com.

Here Are My 5 Rock-Solid Promises To You

I know my system works, because over 10,000 of our Ram-Jet Fuel Savers & Perma Power engine treatment has already been sold.

  1. Promise - This is tested and proven in every way. It works!
  2. Promise - You'll get in on the ground floor! You'll get all the secrets, before everyone else gets them!
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  4. Promise - My system is 100% complete and "turn- key".
  5. Promise - Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! You either love it, or you can return the starter kit within 30 days for a complete REFUND less s&h!

Answers To Questions About Similar Books . .

We have read many books that claim that they expose every secret about automobiles. My friend - in my opinion . . . they DO NOT! The "STOP BUYING GASOLINE" book exposes everything I could think of that an average everyday individual like you and me would want to know. I hold nothing back - I reveal all . . . I tell all! This in the very near future, we believe will probably be listed as one of the most "Beneficial" books to you and your economy. The time, research, and due diligence has already been done for you!

Note: Customers who have read our "Stop Buying Gasoline" book state that it's worth the price of the whole kit alone. Also, was stated that the world doesn't have 10% of what you have in your possession.

Question: Okay,this sounds fantastic, but how much is it going to cost me?

My Answer: Relax. In my dealer program you are able to become a distributor for either the "STOP BUYING GASOLINE" manual alone for the small price of not $49.97, but US$29.97 a 50% savings or the complete GIGT SYSTEM kit, the STOP BUYNG GASOLINE book, Ramjet, and the Perma Power engine treatment. Plus, all sales material . . . retail price $159.94, now only . . . US$79.97 plus s&h, that's a 50% discount over the regualar retail price.(Think about this: The one-time cost for my "GIGT SYSTEM" kit is $79.97 plus s&h. There are 52 weeks in a year. Divide $79.97 by 52 and that equals $1.54. That breaks down to a measly ONE DOLLAR AND 54 CENTS per week to be part of this "Stop Buying Gasoline" program. That's alot less than you pay for gasoline in one month. Don't you agree it's worth $1.54 to have V.I.P. access to this SECRET information and FAMOUS inventions?)


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Can The "Stop Buying Gasoline" book, Perma Power, or Ramjet Fuel Saver Be Purchased In Any Stores Such As Amazon, Ebay, or Walmart ?

No! The Ramjet Fuel Saver, "Stop Buying Gasoline" book & others, such as the "Perma Power" lubricant are only available from Alternative Energy Concepts & my select dealers, not Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay, so their UNIQUE, unlike so many other distributorship opportunities that you see on television. When you order your Ramjet you are buying direct from the co-owner, eliminating the high costs of various middlemen. Even other fuel-saving device inventors are not selling as low as us for such a kit, plus are not even offering distributorships for you to both make & save money (times are hard). Money spent was over $30,000 in development, & over $25,000 in Government certified laboratory testing & approval, in which some DO NOT have any Government certified laboratory testing proof for their widgets!

How does your distributorship/drop ship opportunity work?

  • No investment in inventory is ever required; you never have to stock a single item.
  • We will drop ship directly to your customer under your shipping label all at no additional cost besides the regular s&h cost.
  • All cash comes to you first, unlike those Network Marketing programs everyone is hawking, in which you have to wait 15-30 days to see commissions.
  • You will be able to by wholesale at a 50% - 70% discount easy.
  • You have the option of ordering the GIGT SYSTEM starter kit, which consist of my "STOP BUYING GASOLINE" book, Ramjet Fuel Saver, Secret Marketing Report, & Sales Material to test the system first, in which the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee applies to before investing in quantities. Quanties will be replaced.


Guilt-Free 30 Day NO- RISK Money - Back GUARANTEE for the GIGT SYSTEM starter kit!

  1. If you are dissatisfied with either product of our GIGT SYSTEM kit, applies only to our Ramjet or my "Stop Buying Gasoline" book - return everything in resalable/reusable condition for either product and we will issue an equivalent refund, less shipping & handling.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with the business opportunity aspect of the whole GIGT SYSTEM distributorship program upon receipt, just return everything in resaleable/reusable condition and we will gladly issue a refund, less shipping & handling.
  3. If our patented Ramjet Fuel Saver does not last the "lifetime of your engine" in the particular first car that you installed it in, we will offer a replacement for this particular guarantee!


Receive A FREE BONUS Of Replica Car That Runs On Salt H2O When You Order The Complete GIGT SYSTEM NOW While Supplies Last. We May Pull The Offer Without Notice. DON'T DELAY ORDER TODAY!!!

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proliberty [a] sbcglobal [dot] net


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