November 5, 2012 @ 8:56 PM

                    Many people around the world are facing financial difficulties due to the recent gasoline price hike. This is the effect of limited global crude oil supply and rising demand. Fuel prices at the local station is expected to go even higher. Many car owners have started trading in their muscle cars for a more fuel efficient sedan. However, some people do not have that option. The solution for them is to find a way to improve their car mileage. This article will share some car fuel saving tips that have been proven to reduce gasoline consumption.

    The latest idea to reduce our vehicle fossil fuel dependency is to convert our cars into hydrogen hybrids. A hydrogen hybrid vehicle uses both gasoline and hydrogen gas (H2) as its energy source. H2 is flammable, clean and efficient and is perfect to complement normal gasoline. Hydrogen gas can be extracted from water with an electrolysis device. The idea is to inject the H2 collected into the engine air intake system.

    When an engine is burning gasoline and hydrogen gas mix, it has a potential to produce a strong power output. This is because H2 is three times more potent than fossil fuel. In theory, when you are filling the same amount as fuel in your car gas tank, your vehicle will travel further when more power is generated from the engine. This means your car is increasing it miles per gallon thus save money for you.

    To convert an internal combustion engine into a hydrogen hybrid is a simple process. Anyone who has some car maintenance skills can do the conversion process. It is a good idea to get a modification blue print to assist you. Most the guides are available on the internet. If you are looking for car fuel saving tips, start by considering using hydrogen gas as an alternative fuel source for your vehicle.

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