November 6, 2012 @ 3:12 AM

                    The current challenge for many car owners is the high gasoline costs. There is no sign that fuel prices will be reducing and it is expected to go even higher. In order for us to cope with this stressful event, we can either sell our cars and use the public transportation or find a way to reduce the fuel consumption of our vehicle. This article will share some car fuel saving tips.

    All of our vehicles use an internal combustion engine as a power generator. The engine was design to burn fossil fuel. Do you know that the engine can also be used to burn hydrogen gas? Hydrogen gas (H2) is highly flammable and can burn more efficiently than gasoline. Thus H2 is excellent to be used as an alternative fuel source. Hydrogen is also environmentally friendly because the only emission is pure water vapor released into the tail pipe.

    Unfortunately, it is not feasible to use pure hydrogen gas to power our car. What we can do is to use H2 as a complementary energy source for the engine. We can convert our car into a hydrogen hybrid vehicle which is more efficient and has a better gas mileage.

    To convert a car into a hydrogen hybrid vehicle is not difficult. It used to cost a bomb to do the modification in a high tech garage with specialized engineers. Nowadays, a simple water to fuel conversion kit can be installed with a budget of less than $150. Most of the parts needed can be bought off the shelve from a hardware store. To make the conversion yourself, you would have to get a step by step instructional guide. Most of these guides are available on the internet.

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