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Secrets To Stop Buying Gas Or Save On Fuel Cost!
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Some Reasons for Over-Unity Suppression:
Throughout recent history, the strong oil lobby has suppressed high-mileage carburetors with
violent threats and/or rigid mandates. With its trememdous money investments in oil fields,
refineries, Banks and distribution systems, it wields a big stick against free-energy, over-unity
systems. (Once its members are enlightened, however, they can be major players in this
revolution.) Also, free energy need not be a threat to them, and it will take decades to implement.
Some fear that the world is on the brink of financial collapse and that revolutionary breakthroughs in energy production or distribution systems could collapse our economic system since it is founded on finite sources of money and energy. The powers-that-be control the masses through the pocket-book-they don't want to lose their grip.

As Einstein once said, "Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds." Other
causes for opposition include egos, perceived self-interest of competitors and establishment views that this technology is crazy or preposterous. The unpleasent tasks of adding to or restating some of the laws of classical physics and chemistry will absorb vast amounts of university professors' research time before they can verify these new discoveries.People in power (academic, political, technological or business) do not like revolutionary changes which might threaten their position in the hierarchy or to help us Stop Buying Gasoline less frequently. The massess in this materialistic, uninformed age show great ignorance and indifference about the state of the eaerth's delicate ecosystem and the effects of pollutants on human, plant and animal life. The United States Patent Office has a policy prohibiting it from allowing a patent on a perpetualmotion machine. This is a case in point of what happens when you have too much government.Why make a policy against something that you believe impossible? A second irony to the situation is that the patent office already allows patents on devices that don't work! So, why would they care if a perpetual motion or an over-unity machine works or not? Their real function is simply to record the patents as the inventor applies it. If it works or not really isn't their job. They exist to have records on file so that the inventor can point to a specific place and time and say, "See, I invented it before you" and therefore have the manufacturing and sales rights for a given amount of time. That's all! That's it!

You can believe it or not, but we live in a police state. The United States and Canada have only
the illusion of "freedom." I'd very much like you (or anyone) to prove this statement wrong for two
reasons: First, I really want to be free and have the rights granted me by the original constitution.
Second, if you look into the subject hard enough to prove me wrong, you'll find that I'm right, and
you'll be educated, which is my intention. I still retain the hope that we can, if enough people get
together, turn our countries back to the dream held by our ancestors. National Security: Used in
war, this technology would offer a decided advantage-but the Cold War is over, so let's help free
mankind from drudgery and financial chains and at the same time save Mother Earth!

The Revolution Will Not Be Terrorized:
Work continues on these technologies, even faster than before. Many inventors have left the
United States to work in more futuristic environments-with less corporate fascism." Most of the
inventions mentioned in this article have been taken underground, to prepare for the day when
they will be a necessity in a modern, free-market, environmentally sensitive society.Over and over again in history, just when problems seemed hopeless, American inventors have stepped forward to introduce a technological solution that saved the world or to help Stop Buying Gas. One might think that would be the case with the ever rising gas prices of today."While gas prices may go down once in a while, they're mostly rising higher and higher. I wouldn't be surprised to see $4, $5 and $6 per gallon gas become the standard," said Brad Eugene. As owner and CEO of Alternative Energy Concepts, he is a staunch supporter of technology that improves gas mileage. Alternative Energy Concepts’ newest offering is the popular RamJet 4 fuel saver kit with Turbo-Flo. The easily installed system improves engine performance, to get far better mileage, faster acceleration, less frequent tune-ups and longer overall engine life. Results have been officiallyverified by government certified labs.RamJet works on about 98 percent of all gasoline powered vehicles, making it one solution that could not only appeal to the masses, but create massive savings worldwide.

Readers write your legislators; let them know what is going on. Tell them we need this
revolutionary technology developed worldwide, including in the United States, to keep Mother
Earth from deteriorating faster than she is now.Rush to and see
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==== Secrets To Stop Buying Gas Or Save On Fuel Cost!

by Brad Eugene

Alternative Energy Concepts

410 East Main St., Ste.#27

Atlanta, Texas 75551USA 

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