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Ramjet,Stop Buying Gasoline book,and Perma Power engine treatment GIGT SYSTEM kit

Unsolicited Letters from Real Customers!

"After buying a Ramjet, my mechanic said it wouldn't do anything, but add extra air, Well, I put your Ramjet on anyway and have I got a few choice words for him! I never was so surprised. I took a 1200 mile trip and increased my gas mileage from 16 to 20 mpg. also got more pep. Thanks for a good thing. You can print this, "H.M., Witchita, KS.

"B.C., your name was mentioned by a very popular alternative technology directory & they stated you have great automotive products, such as the "RAM-JET" fuelsaver, which has been proven by government certified laboratories..." David K. Abingdon, VA.  4/04

"Enclosed is a list of 41 customers who got gas savings from 2 to 6 miles more per gallon... "Rev P.E. Mick. Harvey, IL

"B.C., I couldn't sleep for 2 days when I received your breath taking "Stop Buying Gasoline" business opportunity offer of the "Stop Buying Gasoline" book & the "Ramjet", which is a Blessing from God! I placed it on my 2004 Lincoln Navigator & have already seen great results. Do you realize how much money you could make in a short period of time with this program. I'm amazed on just how much little known information you revealed in the "Stop Buying Gasoline" book. Do you fear the "Big Boys"?... " Dora K. Los Angelas, CA 3/04

"I am a professional mechanic and tested your Fuel Savers in a 2 year old Chevelle and got a 20% gas mileage improvement. "P.H., Norwood, NJ.

"I received your "Stop Buying Gasoline" book & business opportunity information today. I must say you over delivered on your promise. It was (information overload)!..." Wayne H. Lindenhurst, NY

"At first I doubted your claims, but I'm proud to say it really saves gas, I went from 17 to 21 mpg. "P.S., Ephata, PA

"B.C., I received your "Stop Buying Gasoline" book & "Ramjet" fuelsaver and there just Dynamite. I told some friends and they're more excited than I am, but they said your're walking on "egg shells" for exposing so much contraversal secret information in your book. I am receiving a 11.5% increase in gasoline mileage. My 1979 Ford is running better with more horsepower. I loved the Free Bonuses also!..." Ernest S. Marketing Co. Memphis, TN 7/03

"A test in my Buick Electra showed 5 more miles per gallon and 30% horesepower increase. Terrific products! "K.N., Launa Hills, CA.

"Dear Sir, referring to your book, which I have received and also the "Ramjet" fuelsaver I have received, there very interesting with great gas savings to "boot". I would like to stop here and would ask authorization to market your program in my country?..." Boodhun Swaley, Curepipe, Mauritius 4/04

"My Monte Carlo's miles per gallon increased from 13 to 18 on a road trip totaling 1,385 miles. Thanks! "R.D., Milan, TN.

"B.C., I received your "Stop Buying Gasoline" book & the "Ramjet" fuel saver business opportunity and it's outstanding. I would like to buy-you-out for an undisclosed amount!..." Mark S. Atlanta, GA. 3/05

"I was getting 19 but now I get 25 M.P.G. with my Rambler. It's one of the best thing I ever bought... "W.R., Porland, OR.

"Ship me another gross, your RamJet sells like hot cakes, because people tell each other how good it works." J.P., Milwaukee, WI.

"My customers report up to 4 to 5 extra miles per gallon, I get 22 M.P.G. on my Ford Galaxie 500" W.H., O'Neill, NE.

"As you know I ordered a sample of the GIGT SYSTEM a while back and am very satisfied with the results produced from the Ramjet. I am interested in placing my first large quantity order from you..." Ryan D.-President, P.Technologies, Smithsburg, MD. 11/05

"My Pontiac Catalina was getting 9 m.p.g. in the city and 14 on the highway. After 3 tankfuls of gas my mileage has increased from 11 in city and 18 on highway. As for power increase, I would say about 20%. " J.M.,  Washington, DC.

"Greatest inventions as gas savers I have ever seen!... and public acceptance is unbelievable. I wish I had sold something like this 25 years ago. I would be a zillionaire by now. "J.G.., Smithtown, NY.

"Sold over 600 in less than a month in my gas station with an ad in our local newspaper." J.M., Middletown, NY>

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Stop Buying Gasoline
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