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C.O.D.(Cash On Delivery) Order Form

__ Yes, I would like to become a distributor for the product(s) I've chosen below, by going to the "distributor agreement" button then print out, sign & date, then TEL/FAX: 903-796-4920, and snail mail back to Alternative Energy Concepts,410 E. Main #27, Atlanta, Texas 75551USA.(If you don't want to become a distributor, but use the products personally - don't check the above.) Please be sure to write in your e-mail address below, so we can inform you the total amount to have ready when the Postal man arrives at your door.

__ Yes, I would like to order your famous "STOP BUYING GASOLINE" book by C.O.D. that has gotten enormous good feed back from readers around the world. Price US$29.97 + $2 shipping & handling. 

__ Yes, I would like to order your patented "Perma Power" engine treatment by C.O.D., that has been proven by the "U.S. Department of Energy" & customers time and time again. Price US$19.95 + $5 s&h.

__ Yes, I would like to order the complete GIGTS (Gasoline Independence Gasoline Technololgy) kit by C.O.D. that consist of FREE BONUSES, our patented government certified laboratory approved "RamJet" Fuel Saver device, my "Stop Buying Gasoline" book, & our patented "Perma Power" engine treatment for US$79.97 + $12 s&h. C.O.D. Process.....

1. I complete the form below. 2. My product(s) that I requested is sent to me. 3.The package arrives at my door step by USPS & then I pay the mailman the total amount asked by Money Order.







Please Note: Add an extra US$7 fee for C.O.D. order processing through USPS. I will e-mail you as soon as you FAX: 903-796-4920, proliberty@sbcglobal.net , or snail mail this form, so you will know the total amount needed by Money Order on hand when the USPS man arrives at your door.
Note: C.O.D.'s are not available for International Orders! C.O.D. offer may be cancelled without notice, due to time constraints with paper work.

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