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New Gas Saver Kit Saves Drivers Up To 50 Cents Per Gallon

"While gas prices may go down once in a while, they're mostly rising higher and higher. I
wouldn't be surprised to see $4 and $5 per gallon gas become the standard, " said Brad Eugene,
the owner of Alternative Energy Concepts.

ATLANTA, Texas (PRI) August 16, 2012 - A new gas saver kit that can be easily installed in
cars will lower gas usage by up to 50 cents a gallon, says Brad Eugene of Alternative Energy
Concepts, one of the experts helping promote the kit.

Mr. Eugene sees the kit as extremely important in light of the current crisis in gas prices. “Over
and over again in history, just when problems seemed hopeless, American inventors have
stepped forward to introduce a technological solution that saved the world,” he says. “One might
think that would be the case with the ever rising gas prices of today.”

As owner and CEO of Alternative Energy Concepts, Mr Eugene is a staunch supporter of
technology that improves gas mileage.

Alternative Energy Concepts’ newest offering is the Stop Buying Gasoline kit, that consist of the
RamJet 4 fuel saver kit with Turbo-Flo, Perma Power engine treatment, & the book “Stop
Buying Gasoline”, that exposes the industry revealed by Mr. X, an angry industry insider.

The Ramjet 4 fuel saver is an easily installed system that improves engine performance, to get
far better mileage, faster acceleration, less frequent tune-ups and longer overall engine life.
Results have been officially verified by government certified labs.

“RamJet works on about 98 percent of all gasoline powered vehicles, making it a solution that
can appeal to the masses, and also create massive savings worldwide,” Mr. Eugene says. “While
the standard engine expels much energy through exhaust, RamJet 4 makes combustion more
efficient. Gas mileage frequently improves up to 50 cents per gallon or liter with the Stop Buying
Gasoline kit. The government-patented system is available for a very reasonable cost of less than
$97. I guess this leaves everyone to the next question, are we ready to save on the cost of gas?”

Users of the Stop Buying Gasoline kit are typically very enthusiastic. "We had one customer
whose mechanic was doubtful the RamJet would improve his mileage, but on a long trip this
customer realized Ramjet gave him a 16 to 19 miles per gallon improvement," Mr. Eugene says.
Demand for the system is so hot that Alternative Energy Concepts is recruiting resellers to
spread the word. "It's fairly easy for a person to potentially earn $400 per day supplying all the
demand we have for the Stop Buying Gasoline kit," Mr. Eugene says.

Brad Eugene is the author of the book "Stop Buying Gasoline" and offers a free replica car that
runs on salt H2O and a host of other bonuses worth over $3,000.00 from
http://www.stopbuyinggasoline.com. The Stop Buying Gasoline kit comes with complete
documentation and easy to understand explanations.

Eugene cautions consumers to watch out for frauds because of the current rush to provide gas
saving technologies. "Insist that a company's technology has been certified effective by
government labs. If the certification isn't there, they've probably got something to hide," Eugene

For more information, visit the website http://www.stopbuyinggasoline.com, or to schedule an
interview, please contact Brad Eugene at 903-796-4920.

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